Dismantling DACA

This week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was being rescinded. Almost 800,000 young people are affected.

California is home to the largest number of DACA recipients, nearly 250,000 young people.

The internet is full of new reports, data about DACA recipients, personal stories, legal advice, analyses and the response and efforts to get Congress to act to protect these young people. Much of it is thought provoking and impactful.

I want to share two of these:

First is this New York Times video of DACA recipients telling their stories.

Second, this special podcast episode of Latino USA was created this week in response to the administration's announcement.

I think these will be interesting to people who are close to the issue, as well as those who don't know undocumented people or who haven't given it much consideration. Though Latinos are the largest group of DACA recipients, young people from many countries have been the beneficiaries of this policy, and will be impacted by it being rescinded.

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