Sharing our first First Gen Stories: The Project Progresses

When we came home from our Northern California First Gen College road trip, I had hours and hours of video footage. I was excited (and impatient) to watch and share it all with you.

But documentary filmmaking doesn’t work that way. It isn't quick and easy.

Besides, I had begun thinking about how to create tools that are easy to share, versatile and useful in educational settings.

This led us to decide to start creating a series of short videos. Each video (which is a small piece of a longer interview) is focused on one aspect of the first generation college experience. We expect to create at least ten of these by this summer.

Our first three short videos are up and ready on YouTube. If you like them, please COMMENT and SHARE them.

Here's the first one. Please scroll down to view the other two.

We have also begun considering ways to maximize the value of these clips beyond social media.

In order to make the most of the ideas brought up by the first gens, we are creating educational resources (discussion guidelines, brief activities) to accompany the videos that teachers can use in Advisory, AVID or other classes. While students may relate to the people in the videos, our aim is to help students connect these ideas to their own lives, even though they are not yet in college.

The short curricula for each of these first three videos should be ready by next month. And more short videos will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

Thank you for helping us increase our reach.

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