First Gen College StudenT Retreat

Frequently asked questions



  • What will you be doing at the retreat? What is the purpose of this retreat?

          The retreat will include a series of outdoor activities that will help you examine the

          ways you face challenges, take risks, solve problems and ask for help. The goal of the

          retreat is to help you apply these insights to your life in college. It will also be a chance

          to connect with other first gen college students, and get away from the city and our

          everyday lives.

  • What/ who is a first gen college student?

A first generation college student is someone whose parents do not have a bachelor’s degree (or higher).

  • How will we get there? Can I go on my own?

           The camp facility is in Simi Valley. First Gen College is renting a bus to ensure that all students can get there, and that we

           can arrive together. The bus stops will be finalized based on the locations of students who register.


           If you have special concerns or live in or near Simi Valley and want to meet us at the camp, please contact us and we can

           discuss the possibility of making special arrangements.

  • Do I have to be currently enrolled in college to attend?

No. If you have attended some college, would like to return to college, have questions or need support to get to college, then you are welcome to join us.


  • Does it matter what college I attend? What if I go to school far from Los Angeles?

No, it does not matter if you go to school in Southern California or another part of the country. We just need you to be in Los Angeles on June 3.

  • Can I attend if I have graduated from college?

No, this retreat is focused specifically on students who have not yet graduated. With sufficient interest, future programming may be developed for recent graduates, people considering (or attending) graduate school, etc. Please drop us an email to let us know you of your interest, and we will add you to the list.


  • Can I register on the day of the retreat and pay at the door?

No. Space is limited and we have to finalize the number of attendees with the bus and the camp in advance, so we cannot accommodate last minute registrations. The last day to register is Friday, October 6, but all spaces may be filled before that date.


  • What if I register and have to cancel? Can I get my money back?

We understand that life can be complicated, and that if you register now to reserve your space, things may change for you in October. We want to be flexible, without undermining the retreat’s success. If you let us know you can’t attend by September 22, we can refund your registration (excluding Paypal fees).

  • Is there any financial aid for the $15 (or $20) registration fee?

Yes, we have some funding to help students who want to participate and do not have the funds. Please complete the online registration form and write a note with your request in the comments section of the form. We will respond promptly.

  • Can I invite my friends?

Yes, please do! As we mentioned above, the retreat is for first gen college students and space is limited. With that in mind, we welcome you to help us spread the word.